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List of projects:1

  1. IoT enabled water purifier

  2. Advanced Vehicle Monitoring System

  3. Automated emergency braking system for vehicles.

  4. IoT based smart dustbin

  5. IoT based system for COVID-19 safety monitoring

  6. Electronic Health Card

  7. Smart safety monitoring system for sewage workers with two-way communication

  8. Ackerman steering based 1/10th scale vehicle design.

  9. Automatic Railway Gate Controlling and Obstacle Detection

  10. JARVIS

  11. Fruit quality detector

  12. IoT based automatic waste management system

  13. Smart class room

  14. Third Eye for the Blind ( a wearable device)

  15. Smart Crop Protection system

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List of the projects:2

  1. Theft detecting alarm system for home

  2. Touchless Doorbell

  3. Automatic floor cleaning robot

  4. Vehicle Density based traffic light control system

  5. Automatic Book Reader

  6. Smart wireless battery charging with charge monitor

  7. Remote controlled grass cutter

  8. Vehicle tracking system

  9. Automated Gates for SIT Campus

  10. IoT Based Smart Home Automation

  11. Crop protection system

  12. IoT based smart courier box

  13. Watermelon Ripeness Detector

  14. Tomato Ripening Stages Grading System

  15. Design and development of smart safety device for women using AI

  16. Fruit sorting machine

  17. Multi-channel temperature control system

  18. Nano fertilizer spraying robot: Agritech

  19. Eye blink detector

  20. IoT based weather quality monitoring system

Projects: Text
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