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Internships/Activity points

How important are Internships for an Engineering Career
Education is a fundamental right of anybody and essential that shows the right path to walk. It
helps provide technical knowledge, cultural norms, and quality learning. When it comes to
internships, it caters to hands-on experience. Engineering students get enormous knowledge,
imbibing professional aptitude and allows students to have life balancing and creating
professional networks. Education gives skills whereas internships will make students gain
practical knowledge to enhance communication skills and problem-solving. Those who undergo
internships will have critical thinking and demonstrate their capabilities in the industry.
There is a great demand from big and not-so-big companies for qualified and professional
engineers. According to studies, 60% of engineers are unemployed every year due to a lack of
skills and efficiency. Although students have excellent academic records, real-life exposure
matters in the current era. Getting an engineering degree is quite different than having hands-on
experience, and following a work culture is different.
VT and S is said to be one of the familiar institutes in tumkur and provides Internship training for
engineering students to shape their careers. Internships for engineering students will be great
experience at VT and S , VT and S is keen on working with students of Electronics
Engineering(ECE),Computer science(CSE),EEE,Mtech to make out how important internships
are to build the future,ECE and EEE students can take up internships in IoT, Embedded, VLSI
domains and CSE students can opt for AI, ML, IOT, WEB, and PYTHON Internships as mentioned.

Apart from technical knowledge and skills, to be successful as professionals, students should have excellent soft skills, leadership qualities and team spirit. They should have entrepreneurial capabilities and societal commitment. In order to match these multifarious requirements, AICTE has created a unique mechanism for awarding Activity points over and above the academic grades.

  • The Activity Points earned shall be reflected on the student's eighth semester Grade card (duration of the programme), anytime during the semester weekends and holidays, as per the interest and convenience of the student from the year of entry to the programme. However, the minimum hours specified must be satisfied.

  • Activity Points (non-credit) have no effect on SGPA/CGPA and shall not be considered for vertical progression.

  • In case students fail to earn the prescribed activity points, the eighth semester Grade Card shall be issued only after earning the required activity points. Students shall be admitted for the award of a degree only after the release of the Eighth semester Grade card.

  • The consolidated report of activity points earned by the students will be sent to the University. 

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